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$1,400.00 SKU: PS-HEFLFS-00134
-17% off

Orthopedic small fragments set

DHS & DCS Plate Instrument Set

$750.00 SKU: PS-DDPIS-00111
-31% off

Retractors and Spreader

BookWalter Retractor Set

$900.00 SKU: PS-BRS-0002
-40% off
$899.99 SKU: PS-SPSSIS-00108

Retractors and Spreader

Parks Anal Retractor

$80.00 SKU: PS-2457

Extracting Forceps Gold Handle

Extracting Forcep

$15.00 SKU: PS-EFGH-00144
$80.00 SKU: PS-DS-002

General Urology Instruments

No-scalpel Vasectomy Fixator Ring Clamp

$5.50 SKU: PS-1413

Mammoplasty Retractors

Biggs Mammoplasty retractor

$250.00$350.00 SKU: PS-PSI-007

Micro Needle holder

Micro Needle Holders Titanium

$48.00 SKU: PS-2016A

Cardiovascular Micro Scissors

Micro Surgery Scissors

$23.00 SKU: PS-5006AA
-50% off
$75.00 SKU: PS-DI-0011
$50.00 SKU: PS-L-001
-24% off
$650.00 SKU: PS-LIS-00206
-60% off
$60.00 SKU: PS-MCDTEF-00208

Liposuction Cannulas

Entner Liposuction cannula

$25.00 SKU: PS-PSI-0077
$150.00 SKU: PS-POMIS-00205

Eye Retractors And Speculum

Snitman Endaural Retractor

$32.80 SKU: PS-8730A

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No-1 Surgical, Dental, and orthopedic instruments store | Peak Surgicals.

Peak Surgicals, is a producer of custom-designed stainless steel surgical instruments like orthopedic, dental, gynecology, and many more medical instruments, and other utensils, grounded in Sialkot, Pakistan. In this contemporary industrial world, we, Peak Surgicals, a medical instrument company are providing you sterilized surgical instruments, such as dental, orthopedic, gynecology, and many more surgical instruments through our online stores. You may buy our products by using our website and our online shopping store.


We aim to provide exceptional surgical instruments like orthopedics instruments, and dental instruments to our health care professionals and other customers regarding their desire through our surgical instrument online store. We trade with international clients and dispense them our excellent products at low cost. We are furnishing our customers with a customized orthopedic, dental, and plastic surgery instrument set read more….