Types of Surgical Scissors & Their Uses

Do you want to know what the most popular surgical scissors for delicate work in the operating room are? This article will go through the most well-known varieties and characteristics of medical scissors. Snips are among the most often used surgical equipment in hospitals and clinics. Medical scissors are used in a variety of surgical procedures. Surgeons depend on scissors to lacerate biological structures such as tissues and organs in various body cavities, as well as non-biological structures such as stitching materials and threads, adhesive wound dressings, and strips, due to their successful performance in the area of surgery.

A pair of scissors' overall design includes major significant parts, which are sharp blades or points and robust handles that apply forces up to the edges to cut various constructions.

The Most Common Types Of Surgical Scissors

Metzenbaum Scissors and Mayo Scissors

The roles of mayo surgical scissors and Metzenbaum surgical scissors are distinct. Surgeons utilise these two standard surgical scissors depending on the anatomical structure they are attempting to lacerate. Mayo surgical scissors are used to cut bulky and complex structures such as stiff tissues, while Metzenbaum surgical scissors are used to cut delicate heart tissues and similar structures. Both mayo and Metzenbaum surgical scissors are used depending on their body and capacity to incise.

Scissors for Utility

These particular scissors lacerate non-biological cotton or plastic constructions. Surgeons use these utility scissors to trim sewing threads, wound dressings, adhesive bandages, and casts to the proper length.

Scissors for Neurosurgery

Neurosurgical treatments use these surgical scissors. When necessary, they lacerate structures such as the brain, spinal cord, and specific nerves. This is due to their appropriate structure, which allows them to create precise incisions on these delicate anatomical structures.

These neurosurgical scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one is designed to conduct a unique surgical procedure. Kelly ganglion curved and Kelly (Adson) ganglion straight are two examples.

Scissors Harrington

The body of Harrington surgical scissors is responsible for precise laceration of the restricted tissues underneath the surgical field. These challenges need precise incisions to avoid compromising nearby tissues. As a result, surgeons employ surgical scissors to shield the operating field from acute lacerations. These surgical scissors come in flat and arch shapes and serve diverse tasks in operations.

Scissors for Gynecology

These gynaecological scissors, as the name implies, are used to make precise cuts in female reproductive components such as the uterine wall and umbilical cord after birth. Their structure is well adjusted to lacerate gynaecological structures without interfering with the regular functioning of the neighbouring entities. The designs of the blades vary and range from dull to edgy. Kelly uterine surgical scissors and brain episiotomy surgical scissors are two examples of such scissors.

Abdominal Scissors Fergusson

This sort of surgical scissors is used on the intestine. When necessary, it slices the abdominal cavity organs and related tissues. The construction includes inherent analogues such as blades and a sturdy grip, making these Fergusson scissors a suitable surgical instrument.

Scissors Iris

Iris surgical scissors are used in procedures involving the eyes and adjacent components. Iris surgical scissors, in particular, operate on the iris, which is an essential element of the human eye. Iris surgical scissors are commonly used in the United Kingdom and Asia due to their structural advantages.

Dermatological Scissors

When necessary, these dermal surgical scissors lacerate the skin. They are very effective in skin-related therapies and therapeutic procedures. Because they are made of stainless steel, the construction is heavy-duty, making them formidable surgical equipment.

Scissors for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

These surgical scissors are generally used in lungs and heart surgery operations. The thoracic cavity contains many veins and arteries, as well as fragile tissues that must be severed with care and precision. This is where cardiovascular and thoracic scissors undertake high-risk procedures on the patient's thoracic cavity. Subcategories of such surgical scissors include Debakey Pott's surgical scissors and Thorek surgical scissors.

Suture Removing Scissors

Non-biological structures such as sewing threads and wound dressings may be incised using a variety of surgical scissors. Mayo surgical scissors should be used instead of Metzenbaum surgical scissors before beginning to deal with the sewing strands. These surgical scissors aid in driving the needle into the injured location and swiftly closing the wound.

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