Plastic Surgery Instrument - Types and Uses

There are many different plastic surgery instruments, such as Gouges, Mallet, Chisels, Curettes, and Awls. Electrosurgical instruments include Bipolar and Monopolar forceps. The surgical instruments for plastic surgery are available in 4 major categories:

  • Scalpels
  • Knives
  • Scissors
  • Surgical blades

Plastic surgery is a kind of surgery where one can change the size of any body part, especially the breast and stomach. It also helps treat the area with scars and injuries that occurred due to an accident. Plastic surgery can also be on the site with burns or affected by congenital disorders like pigmentation. It is a significant kind of surgery in which the surgeon uses types of surgical tools to improve the patient's physical appearance.

Types of plastic surgery

There are two main categories of plastic surgery:


During this surgery, the surgeon works on that area of the body part that is affected by an acid attack, burn or birthmark, or any other body part that requires reconstruction due to severe injuries and damage. It also works on ear deformities or a dog bite. In addition, professional surgeons use unique kinds of surgical instruments to rebuild the affected area.


Cosmetic plastic surgery includes changing any body part that one is unhappy about. It does not repair the damaged tissues in a cosmetic surgical procedure. Instead, it recreates the look that is best suitable for the patient. Cosmetic plastic surgery includes liposuction (i.e., removal of accumulated fat), mammoplasty of the breast (reduce or increase), and augmentation mammoplasty. It also has other processes like reconstruction of the nose or lips.

The Procedures in Plastic Surgery

Skin Grafts

Skin grafting is when the skin suffers from deep burns or has a deep wound. The process involves taking skin from one part of the body to transplant it onto the damaged area. Skin grafting is a necessary procedure when it comes to plastic surgery. The surgical instruments used to perform the surgery are available at Peak Surgicals.

Cosmetic surgery

Another critical kind of plastic surgery requires some basic medical supplies. Some most performed surgeries are mammoplasty and liposuction.

Expansion of Tissues  

During this procedure, the surgeon enlarges the area by stretching the tissue. In other words, the surgeon forces the skin to grow. This extra skin helps reconstruct the site, such as breast reconstruction and further skin damage due to childbirth.


The surgical instruments used during plastic surgery are:

  • Clamps
  • Scissors
  • Elevators
  • Speculums
  • Retractors
  • Ring forceps
  • Dissecting forceps

Dissecting forceps are often helpful in procedures that require the surgeon to grip a swab or needles during surgery, but their most significant purpose is to grab a tissue with their thin pointed tip. Forceps come in many different sizes.

Clamps resemble hinged forceps, whose purpose is to prevent blood from flowing into the tissues and can also be employed to crush tissue.

It is available in a range of sizes and forms, although curved and twisted scissors are also popular, most of them appear to be conventional metal scissors.

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