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Peak Surgicals is a trusted medical wholesale brand for Doctors and Surgeons. We sell wholesale medical supplies not only in the USA but globally. We specialize in serving medical supplies for the hospital, and we know precisely how critically important it is to provide the hospital with the appropriate equipment for each medical procedure. In addition, we offer an extensively diverse range of bulk medical supplies that are of the best quality and the most cost-effective.

Moreover, our perfectly curated customer service is what all medical practitioners seek, and it is also the reason we are the choice of many of them.

Wholesale Hospital Supplies at Affordable Prices

At Peak Surgicals, our range of surgical products includes the following categories, and the list keeps growing:

1. Surgical Instruments

2. Dental Instruments

3. Plastic Surgery Instruments

4. Orthopedic Instruments

5. Gynecology Instruments

6. Cardiovascular Instruments

7. Ophthalmology Instruments

8. ENT Instruments

9. Post-Mortem Instruments

10. Hair Transplant Instruments


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Some of the necessary critical medical procedures require bulk medical supplies from wholesale medical suppliers such that they are of high precision and accuracy. So let us take a deeper insight into these.

Cardiovascular Instruments

Cardiovascular instruments are the surgical tools used in medical procedures that treat the heart, veins, and arteries. Peak Surgicals provides a wide variety of these surgical instruments. Cardiothoracic instruments are for treating the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs within the chest. Commonly used thoracic surgical instruments include forceps and clamps, needle holders, chest and sternum spreaders, scissors, and retractors.

ENT Instruments

The Ear, Nose, And Throat (ENT) are sensitive organs in the human body. An ENT specialist may need to conduct a surgical procedure in some severe conditions. At Peak Surgicals, we endeavor to provide the best and most affordable bulk medical supplies. If you are an ENT specialist, you are at the right place. Contact us, and we will facilitate the purchase process as best we can. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Rhinology is the medical field of treating problems with the nasal passage and paranasal sinuses. It entails a detailed study and examination of the nose. To investigate these little body organs, Rhinologists require the use of specialized medical instruments that are not very easy to come by, for example, the nasal endoscope. If you are looking for these surgical instruments, we can help.

Rhinology Instruments: Adenoid Curettes, Nasal Rasps & Cartilage Crushers, Rhinoplasty Chisels, Chisels, Nasal Saws, Septum Elevators, Periosteal Elevators, Septum Forceps & Morselizes, Septum Shears.


When there is an inflammation in the sinuses or when there is a fluid filling these narrow airways or clogging them, it can cause severe discomfort and other complications. A cold or allergies are the most common causes of the onset of these issues. An obstruction in the sinuses makes the patients suffer, so ENT experts and Rhinologists may need to operate. For this, professionals will need the following:

·         Sinus surgery Instruments like Sinus Seeker, Sickle Knife, Probe, Antrum Curettes, and others are available in our inventory at Peak Surgicals.

·         Double Spoon Forceps or Oval Shaped Double Spoon Biopsy Forceps are also standard instruments, and we often get requests for them. You can be sure that we only provide the best quality. If you have any questions or concerns, we are a call away.

Post-mortem Instruments

An autopsy is another term for postmortem examination when experts examine it after the person is deceased. A postmortem helps ascertain the cause of death. Peak surgical has a wide range of medical supplies used for the Postmortem process. The process is critical, so using the correct medical tool is essential.

Bone Forceps used for cutting

Orthopedic surgeons, veterinarians, or plastic surgeons often need bone forceps to perform bone cutting procedures. The forceps are particularly useful in cutting and holding the bone during the process. They help cut the bones’ tissue and facilitate access to the innermost parts of the bone. Usually, these instruments are dual-action surgical instruments. At Peak Surgicals, we provide all medical supplies for hospitals. You can get all the variants of bone forceps right here. Check our inventory for more information.

Bone Holding Forceps

This is the tool used to hold the weak bone that needs treating. It is a surgical tool used in operation. The areas where this is used are small phalanx and metacarpal bones, which require smaller tools.

Chisels In Postmortem

Chisels are surgical instruments to cut and shape the bones during procedures. There may be the need to perform a postmortem or autopsy in some instances. Chisels are usually robust hand tools with a flat blade. They have a blade on one side at the distal end and an integral straight. It is helpful in autopsy and autopsy posthumous.

Postmortem Clamps

Postmortem clamps are used to hold with a firm grip. It will help if you hold the object in a place so that the examination is successful. It can also help you hold two or more than two objects.

Hair Transplant Instruments

In recent years, awareness and the demand for hair transplantation have risen. It is a cosmetic procedure that allows experts to move hair follicles and roots to bald areas of the scalp surgically. It is also called hair restoration for people who have tried other treatments for hair loss. In a hair transplant procedure, your healthcare provider removes grafts or small pieces of skin from different body parts with healthy hair. Healthcare providers call this area a donor site. In addition, Peak Surgicals provides a wide variety of medical supplies necessary for carrying out a Hair Transplant Procedure.

Veterinary Instruments

A veterinarian specializes in treating animals to ensure their health and well-being. They check, diagnose, and do the necessary procedures or treatments to help the injured or sick animals. They also advise the respective pet owners on the proper care of their pets and livestock. In cases where the veterinarians need to carry out surgical procedures like bone setting, trauma surgery, orthopedic procedures, or dental processes, they will need suitable medical instruments. In addition, Peak Surgicals offers a wide range of wholesale medical supplies required by veterinarians. Whether the animal is large or small, we have all the medical instruments you may need for your practice.


Peak Surgicals perfectly curated customer service is what all medical practitioners seek, and it is also the reason we are the choice of many. So, we have a very concise inventory from which you can pick what you need and place your orders. Of course, you can always reach out to us, and we will promptly respond to your queries.