Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.


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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Needle Holder

Are you looking for a reliable source to deliver needle holder instruments to your door? Well, look no more! Peak Surgical features various needle holder tools available in multiple variations.

Needle holder instruments, also known as needle forceps or needle drivers, assist surgeons in suturing the wound during a surgical procedure. In addition, the jaws of needle holder supplies feature a textured pattern on their tips for gripping suturing needles.

Keep in mind that the size of needle holder instruments should be equal to the needle you intend to use. At Peak Surgical, needle holder supplies are manufactured, keeping intricate details in mind.

The tools are crafted uniquely with German stainless steel, making them highly durable. This means it is resistant to corrosion and other environmental hazards. In turn, these instruments are reusable once sterilized thoroughly. At Peak Surgicals, we always make sure the quality is impressive so that our customers get value for their investment.

Quite a comprehensive range of needle holder instruments are featured on our website, listed as follows:

  • Collier needle holder
  • Crile Murray needle holder
  • Heaney needle holder
  • Hegar Baumgartner needle holder
  • Mayo Hegar needle holder
  • Masson needle holder
  • Stratte needle holder
  • Sarot needle holder
  • Never needle holder
  • Wangsten needle holder

All the needle holder instruments above-mentioned are available in multiple sizes that cater to surgeons perfectly. Please place your order today and get it delivered to your door.

Our team at Peak Surgical is highly responsible and makes sure that the product delivered is packed in a safe carton box. For further queries, contact us now!