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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Breast Dissectors

Peak Surgicals offers Angulated Breast Dissectors in “33cm” length, Quality Materials, and made of German Stainless Steel. For implant pocket preparation, the Angulated Breast Dissector has been used in kinds of breast surgery. Atraumatic devices used during breast augmentation are breast dissectors. Breast elevators with a spatula form are beneficial and essential to our plastic surgery instruments.

The types of breast dissectors Peak Surgicals provides include the following:

  • Breast dissectors angulated blade 33cm
  • Maccallum Dingman submammary dissector
  • Padgett Agris submammary extra long
  • Padgett breast dissector bullet tip (large)
  • Solz breasthook dissector
  • Maccallum-Dingman Breast Dissector

During augmentation surgeries, the Maccollum-Dingman Breast Dissector is a valuable instrument. The round flat blade provides tissue plane delineation and investigation around the nipple gland and innervates the major muscle. The 38mm wide blade is designed to fit a wide range of patient sizes.

Maccollum-Dingman During augmentation surgeries seems to be a popular tool during plastic surgery. A round flat blade can inspect tissue structures inside the submammary space. The 20mm thick blade is made to fit a wide range of patient sizes.

A valuable instrument in augmentation surgeries is the Reynolds Transaxillary Breast Dissector. Following a transaxillary incision, the dissector can enable the user to differentiate tissue planes. The dissector comes with a fenestrated or non-fenestrated blade, depending on surgical preference.

Each Plastic Surgicals tool we provide at Peak Surgicals is designed to offer optimal satisfaction according to its function. So, the user needs to understand and read well about each plastic surgery supply before they use it.

Plastic Surgery Instrument – Breast Dissectors

Plastic surgery instruments come in different shapes and sizes. One of the most used plastic surgery tools is the breast dissector angulated blade. It is readily available at Peak Surgicals. Padgett breast dissector bullet tip comes in small and large sizes. Users can replace the tip easily. It is made up of high-quality steel, and the steel used is suitable for breast plastic surgery.


The total length of this curved hockey stick is 33 cm and 42 cm. The shaft has a Non-Conductive Insulated Coating. Dissector with an angled blade for subpectoral dissection or axillary submammary. There are numerous dissection applications in both delayed and primary breast reconstruction. Technically, the design has a symmetric elliptical tapered edge blade, which enhances dissection safety efficacy, and accuracy. The flat shaft improves efficiency by allowing a single device to dissect equally from multiple angles. A Tebbetts Style Breast Dissector is another name for it.


Peak Surgicals has plastic surgery supplies: Solz atraumatic breast dissector, Solzbreast hook, and Reynolds transsexuality breast dissectors.


The Solz breasthook and dissector is a hand instrument used for detailed contouring the implant bed and hooking up the breast during breast reduction surgery. Surgeons benefit from scaling on the operating table. Its features include the probe tip and instrument scaling.


Peak Surgicals is offering amazing discounts on all its plastic surgical tools. The steel used in our products is good quality. The variety we provide to our customers is incomparable to other brands. For more information or assistance, contact us and place your order today.