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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Auricular Plastic Instruments

Are you looking for a reliable source to place auricular plastic instruments for your subsequent surgery? Well, look no more because Peak Surgical features an extensive range of auricular plastic instruments supplies for you.

Peak Surgical offers a comprehensive catalog of German stainless steel manufactured plastic surgery instruments for doctors and surgeons. In addition, we are suppliers of medical tools featuring all kinds of plastic surgery instruments at a competitive market rate. This set includes a section of auricular plastic instruments supplies for doctors and surgeons!

A few of the instruments featured under the category of auricular plastic instruments tools listed as follows are:

1. Doyen rib raspatory:

Doyen rib raspatory is uniquely crafted for surgeons to assist in cardiothoracic surgeries. They include a bulb shape handle that extends toward a hook. The hook is in a slight spiral shape. The tool is used to scrape bones and other hard tissues from the ribs and smooth the edges of the marked bone for a comprehensive surgical approach.

2. Kistler antihelix cartilage rasp:

Kistler antihelix cartilage rasp is a functional plastic surgery instrument used in breast surgery. It is manufactured with high-quality German stainless steel, keeping it durable for long.

3. Nagata sculpture knife handle:

The most delicate German stainless steel Nagata sculpture knife handle is designed to hold blade sizes.

4. Niro TC wire twisting forceps:

Niro TC wire twisting forceps is known for precise machine work for shape, thickness, and balance and is more durable than most instruments and last longer.

You can also order auricular plastic instruments and get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere.