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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Plastic Surgery Instruments / Specialty Instruments For Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Instruments are available from Peak Surgicals. Our products are hand-finished to perfection, and our success is based on many years of expertise and understanding. In addition, we provide a diverse range of plastic surgery tools, allowing you to select the best instrument and approach for each patient. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality surgical solutions for plastic surgery operations’ aesthetic and reconstructive needs as part of our surgical specialities offering. In addition, we have anything from adapters to tractors to satisfy your needs.

Types of instruments used in plastic surgery include:

  • Calipers, cannulas, gauges, rulers, and markers
  • Cartilage crushers and cartilage abraders
  • Chisels, awls, curettes, mallets, gouges,
  • Electrosurgical instruments such as monopolar forceps, bipolar and electrosurgical units and cables.
  • Elevators, dissectors, probes and hooks
  • Endo brow lift instruments
  • Forceps, clamps, elevators, graspers, and spreaders
  • Needles and needle holders
  • Pin instruments, osteotomes,pliers, rongeurs, rasps, and wire
  • Punches, knives, and wrenches
  • Spatulas and angulated blades
  • Speculums and retractors in styles like fiberoptic, hand-held, and self-retaining
  • Super-cut styles and scissors in traditional

This list includes blepharoplasty instruments, endoscopic facelift instruments, rhinoplasty tools, and the Gubisch rhinoplasty instrument line. We also have infiltration and liposuction equipment, mammaplasty instruments, and retractor instruments.

Peak Surgicals has the best precision, quality, and sturdiness in surgical instruments

Our plastic surgery instruments are reasonably priced to provide you with the best value for money while maintaining high quality. Medical equipment for plastic surgery includes remarkable advantages such as safe performance and handling.