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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Plastic surgery instruments- Skin Grafted Knives

The Skin Graft knife is used to remove a piece of healthy skin from one part of the patient’s body and transplant it to another location with substantial tissue loss.

Some of our top-selling skin graft knives are:

Braithwaite Skin Graft Knife

The Braithwaite Dermatome (Skin Transplant Knife) is used to take a slice of healthy skin from a donor location to execute a skin graft on a place where tissue loss has occurred. The lumbar and gluteal areas (thick skin), the thighs, and the arms are also good places to get skin grafts (thin skin).

Cobbett Skin Graft Knife

Handle for Cobbett Skin Graft Knife Right and left hand 36.5cm/1414″ long Both kinds are available! The grooved roller bar wavers from side to side as it turns. The thumbscrews on top of the support pillars are used to alter the graft thickness.

Humby Dermatome Skin Graft Knife

The Humby Skin Graft Dermatome is used to take skin slices from a donor for skin grafts. A replacement blade and an adjustable roller regulate the thickness of the graft obtained using the Humby Skin Graft Dermatome.

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