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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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Ring forceps clamps tools, sometimes called clamps, only are used during surgical procedures. Such instruments offer diverse functions, such as grasping and firmly holding body tissues and objects or applying compression externally on the gut or tubular area.

At Peak Surgical Instruments, an extensive range of clamps is available, helping surgeons carry out the procedure flawlessly. The ring forceps clamps supplies include Adson artery forceps, Adson artery forceps curved, Babcock tissue forceps, Backhaus towel clamp, Bainbridge artery, intestinal forceps, etc.

Here, a Backhaus clamp is available, which perforates the clamp. Thus, it grasps tissue, secures towels, or drapes, and holds and reduces minor bone fractures. In return, it minimizes penetration and damage.

Besides the above, Carroll tendon retriever is also up for you to grab from our category of plastic surgery instruments. The retriever is a curved shaft. Malik cystic duct forceps have jaws curved at a right angle. This offer surgeons a better grasp, and you can reach areas that were harder to grasp at first.

All the ring forceps clamps instruments are available in different models. Ring forceps clamps supply designed uniquely to cater to surgeons ideally during the process. Ergonomically, they are designed to deliver a firm grasp and holds. Therefore, your instrument does not slip away, damaging body tissue and organs.

Plastic surgeons, general surgeons, etc., used ring forceps clamps tools. It further helps the orthopedic surgeon during a procedure too.

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