Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.


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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, orders may be processed with a slight delay.

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ENT Plastic Surgery set

Peak Surgicals provides a plastic surgery kit that has the following:

  • Osteotome, 2.2mm 18cm and 3mm 18cm 1 Pc
  • Micro Osteotome Double-Edged Grinding 2.0mm and 2.5mm 18cm 1 Pc, Prong Sharp Hook 15cm Length 1 Pc, Serrated Adson Dressing Forceps 12cm1 Pc, Adson Forceps 1×2 Teeth 12cm1 Pc,
  • Rhinoplastic Scissors 1 Pc, Giunta Tungsten carbide + Nasal Scissor Curved 13.5cm1 Pc, Asch septum straightening forceps1 Pc, straight stainless steel Cinelli guarded osteotome1 Pc, 18.5cm 10mm. Double Gaurded Osteotome for Hump Removal
  • Silver Guarded Lateral Osteotome 18cm Curved Left 1 Pc, Frazier Suction Tube 6Fr 1 Pc, Frazier Suction Tube 8Fr 1 Pc, Cottle Mallet 1 Pc, Sterilizing Box for Packing 1 Pc, and so much more.

Our ENT surgical tools are designed to address issues with the ear, nose, throat and other head and neck structures.

Essential plastic surgical supplies:


This surgical instrument is used to see inside the ear, nose throat.


To look at the larynx properly.

Tongue Depressors

To accurately examine the mouth and throat, tongue depressors are highly recommended.

Aural Forceps

This instrument is ideal for the removal or insertion of dressings or packs.

Nasal Forceps

Used in nasal surgery and the maxillary sinus.

We are here to provide all ENT Surgeons with high-quality instruments that will improve surgery outcomes. In addition, our Esophagoscopes and Bronchoscopes are made using German stainless steel and Premium Quality materials to meet your needs.

For more information or assistance, contact us and place your order today.


ENT plastic surgery instruments are available at a discounted price. We also provide 24/7 service to our customers so that they can ask anything about plastic surgery supplies.