What Is the Purpose of a Tongue Depressor?

The simplest remedies are sometimes the most effective, especially when it comes to tongue depressors. These flat, rounded-edged wooden boards have become commonplace in the medical industry.

A tongue depressor comes in the category of a surgical tool. They help hold down the tongue to examine the mouth and throat. These are mostly wooden, but earlier were made

of many other materials. It is commonly used in hospitals and is also known as a spatula.


The most used tongue depressors are made up of wood easily disposed of. Plastic depressors are also available, but wooden is always preferrable. The wood of such type has a smooth, splinter-free finish, no taste or odor, and high tensile strength, allowing it to be used in various ways. Furthermore, birch is an ecologically friendly timber supply that produces a significant amount of product per tree. A single average-size birch tree makes 40,000 tongue depressors.



The length of the most commonly used wood tongue depressor is 6 inches. On the other hand, most of the manufacturers provide smaller alternatives for the convenience of the tiniest patients. For example, junior tongue depressors are 5 12 inches long by 5/8 inch broad, while newborn tongue depressors are 4 1/5 inches in length by 3 mm wide.


A visit to the doctor's office is also an unsettling or terrifying experience many younger patients face. Some tongue depressor companies now offer delicious versions to assure these individuals' compliance and comfort. Tongue depressors in cherry, grape and strawberry flavors are a tiny detail that can help to set healthcare practice apart.

Sterile & non-sterile

We sell tongue depressors in non-sterile bulk packaging or individual sterile pouches. Medical examinations will necessitate the need for a sterile separate tongue depressor and disposal by all applicable biohazard regulations.

Manufacturing process

As previously stated, tongue depressor producers can choose from various extremely sustainable wood sources when creating these simple items. For example, purchasers of tongue depressors decide to select a product made in the United States utilizing renewable resources.

How to use it?

It is straightforward to use a tongue depressor. The doctor must insert the wooden stick inside the patient's mouth and have a look at his deep throat for any infections.

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