What are the 5 Main Categories of Dental Instruments?

Dentistry has a vital role part in the medical world. Almost everyone needs a dental extraction or filling at some point in life. Based on our experience at Peak Surgicals, dental surgeries require some necessary dental instruments. Dental instruments are available in 5 main categories. The five categories are as follows:

  • General instruments
  • Extraction instruments
  • Reconstruction instruments
  • Cleaning instruments
  • Eliminating instruments  

General Instruments

General surgical instruments are used in both the hygiene dental process and the dental surgical process. During surgery, these instruments are among the most-used tools.  


It is a commonly used surgical tool that helps place the amalgam at the time of filling. Secondly, it can help examine the soft spots and check whether the plaque is present or not. Tarter forms under the jaw line, which creates gum disease. Finally, an explorer is used to clean up the tarter on the teeth before cleaning the plaque.

Dental Mirror

No surgery or dental examination is possible without a dental mirror. A small dental mirror helps the dentist to have a deeper look inside the patient’s mouth from all sides. The doctor will have a clear and better view from all sides to ensure the dental procedure is successful, as pain-free as possible, and quick. Dentists also use the mouth mirror to press the tongue during the drilling process.


This dental instrument enables the glue to be removed from the gum lines after putting the crown on the teeth. The main job of the scalar is to clean the tartar and plaque from both ends of your surface.

Extraction Instruments

The dentist extracts the teeth from the patient’s mouth during the extraction process. The primary and common reason to remove a tooth is tooth decay. The extraction procedure may require removal of the permanent teeth in adults. Sometimes, the dentist may need to make space for orthodontic treatment in complicated cases. In this case, the dentist will need to use extraction instruments, and we have a variety of these available at Peak Surgicals.  


During extraction, the Wilson instrument puts back the gum tissue. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. The standard sizes it comes in are small, medium, and large Wilson.


The function of this surgical tool is to pull up the extracted tooth from the gum. It also comes in small, medium, and large sizes.


  • During the extraction process, dentists use forceps of different sizes. We also have them in paediatric sizes and a variety of other dimensions.

Reconstruction Instruments

Reconstructing teeth includes crown shaping, root canal, bonding, composite fillings, and amalgam.

Reconstruction can be necessary due to many different reasons. For example, we have a range of surgical tools, including a handpiece and plugger.

Cleaning Instrument These include the following:


The syringe helps inject the analgesia into the gum during surgery to avoid pain; however, some dental procedures do not require analgesics, but major surgeries do.

Water/Air Tip

This is the ideal surgical tool to blow air and spurt water between the teeth during the treatment. It comprises stainless steel that comes in disposable packing.

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