Suction Tubes - Type and Uses

Suction tubes are designed to remove unwanted fluids from the throat, nose, and ears. These tubes are made of glass and are attached to the suction pump. Therefore, it is essential to keep the tubes clean. After using the suction pump, you must run water in between them. Also, you can attach it to the air apparatus, which will clean the air inside it. The most beneficial surgical tool, the suction tube, is often available in ambulances, clinics, and emergency rooms. It has a replaceable tube that can you can change when required.

Uses of Suction Tubes

Let us have a look at the uses of suction tube:


The most frequent type of tube used in dentistry is the suction tube. Blood and saliva fill the patient's mouth, which can be dangerous because it might clog the airway. So, a suction tube helps to vacuum all the fluids out of the mouth and clean the area.


Another time that the suction tube is useful is when someone has a respiratory problem. Suction helps remove mucus from the patient. Suction can assist the patient in clearing a blockage in the airway and increase their comfort level. In addition, there is a low likelihood of pneumonia when the lungs are clean.

How and when to use a suction tube?

Suction is necessary when the patient feels uncomfortable while breathing. It would help if you used a suction tube:

  • Hear mucus rattling on the airway
  • When the respiratory rate increases
  • Before you eat
  • Before going out
  • Before you go to sleep

White or clear secretions are ideal. If they begin to change color example, green, yellow, or brown, this could indicate an infection. Call your surgeon's office if the changed color lasts longer than three days or if keeping the tracheostomy pipe is problematic. If there is blood in the secretions (it might turn pink or red), increase suction and humidity more carefully at first.

Tips for using it correctly:

  • Wash your hands and make sure to wash the suction tube
  • Clean it well to remove any mucus left behind
  • Sterilize it.
  • Use it carefully and see that it is not pressed from anywhere and the flow is good enough.
  • Fluid runs through the tubes to clean them. Users can remove the excess secretion by linking the tube to the compressed air device. If this does not work, suction can be used to pump the water down them till they are immaculate. These tubes are easy to boil and last longer than one may expect.

Suction tubes used during neurosurgery:

Both micro neurosurgery and conventional neurosurgery use a specially designed suction tube. All types of suction tubes have rounded tips, making them easy to use for tissue suction. This suction tube is easy to manage, and the front grip is easy to hold. It comes in different lengths and sizes.

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