Six Commonly Used Surgical Instruments

Based on our clientele and orders, the six most-used surgical instruments are:

  1. Scalpel
  2. Scissors
  3. Forceps
  4. Clamps
  5. Suction
  6. Retractors


For ten millennia, the surgery scalpel, one of the oldest surgical equipment, has evolved. While the word "scalpel" comes from the Latin term "scalpels," the physical devices that doctors use today began as Stone Age cutting implements made of flint and obsidian. The scalpel is one of the most used surgical tools in most surgeries. Scalpels can be either standard or re-usable. Disposable surgical tools have a plastic grip with an extendable blade (like a utility knife and are used once before being discarded. Scalpel blades are packaged separately in sterile pouches; however, non-sterile options are also available.

The surgical instrument set's most essential and valuable item is the scissor. They are made of medical-grade stainless steel that has been hardened regularly (tungsten carbide). There have previously been several attempts to bring disposable scissors to the market. However, the success has been modest so far. High-quality surgery scissors are still useable today. There are over 2000 various varieties of surgical scissors. Scissors are helpful to handle delicate organs and body tissues. These blades are curved and blunt.

In some cases, these scissors are helpful to spread the tissue. Electrical scissors come in a variety of lengths. The form is like Metzenbaum scissors. Besides the tips, the entire body is shielded, and some scissors with cables are half-opened.


Forceps are like a tweezer in the lab that comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are flat, some are tiny, some are thick, some are pointed, and some are flat-ended. It is an excellent instrument to grab something challenging to handle with your fingers. Sometimes a tiny tissue is too sensitive to be touched with your fingers, so the forceps work better. It is also helpful to remove teeth or tissue from the body. Forceps are often an excellent option to hold the swab and remove the membrane. Moreover, it is used to open the appendix during appendectomy and more.


These surgical devices hold veins, tissues, injections, gauze, and drapes throughout surgical treatments. Hemostats in straight and curved forms, tweezers, pliers, and other items are available.


Suction can be used during an ongoing surgery, either brain operation or teeth extraction. It helps remove the blood from the area being treated to make it easy for the doctor to work on the site efficiently.


Retractors keep a cut open hold tissues or other things back to clear the operating area or reach other organs. It could be hand-held or have a ratcheting system to keep them in place. Surface suction and sure intra-abdominal suction are performed via a tube.

These medical supplies are readily available at Peak Surgicals at excellent prices.

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