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Hair transplantation is a medical operation that moves hair to bald or thin parts of the scalp. Another term for this is hair restoration and is usually for people who have tried other treatments for hair loss. Medical practitioners perform hair transplants, primarily dermatologists who are medical specialists specializing in skin, or plastic surgeons, who are medical specialists specializing in reconstructive procedures. Peak Surgicals provides a wide variety of medical supplies necessary for carrying out a Hair Transplant Procedure.

In a hair transplant procedure, your healthcare provider removes grafts or small pieces of skin from parts of the body that have healthy hair. Healthcare providers call this area a donor site. It is usually on your head, where your hair is probably the thickest at the back of your head. The health insurance company moves the grafts to the hairless parts of the scalp. Once the transferred skin has healed, it should continue to grow hair.

Instruments provided by Peak Surgicals for Hair Transplant:

Sapphire Head Knife/Blade:

Sapphire knives are surgical tools made of crystal, synthetic sapphire (Al2O3). Although not as hard as diamonds, they are still a hundred times harder than an iron razor. The blade's strength guarantees a long surgical life of more than 100 incisions. In addition, the blade and handle can be sterilized in any conventional manner. The super sharp cutting edge, mirror finish and low coefficient of friction together create a precise, clean cut with minimal tissue injury. The wounds shrink, and the incisions heal quickly. Both stainless steel and titanium handles have safety locks that protect the sharper cutting surface from damage and prevent injuries to medical personnel. Hand sapphire knives are ideal for good preparation and microsurgery. Sapphire leaves offer many benefits. They are very hard, and the edge is sharpened with a razor. As a result, the blade holds much better than conventional surgical instruments.

Hair Implanter Follipen:

The design of this surgical instrument is to facilitate the implantation of follicular units into bald areas such as the scalp, scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hairless scars. When using this product, it is not necessary to make a hole in the side of the receiver as with the Mess of Punch method. Instead, two tasks, creating a recipient site and placing grafts, are performed through a one-step action.

Needles Anaesthesia Device:

Needleless Anaesthesia Injection Device induces digital anaesthesia before beginning any surgical procedure. The most significant advantage of the Needleless Anaesthesia Injection Device is that it removes the element of pain and discomfort for the patient, which is why it is a general preference of both the patient and the medical practitioner. For those of you who have zero pain intolerance or generally do not tolerate sensitivity, the Needleless Anaesthesia Injection Device can be used. The hygienist can apply directly to the relevant area before beginning any surgical procedure.

Apart from these, Peak Surgical provides surgical instruments such as:

  • Orthopaedic Instruments
  • Gynaecology Instruments
  • Cardiovascular Instruments
  • Ophthalmology Instruments
  • ENT Instruments
  • Post-mortem Instruments
  • Hair Transplant Instruments, and
  • Veterinary Instruments

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