Nasal Forceps – Uses and More Information

Our speciality is providing high-quality surgical instruments. Our manufacturing method is efficient and consistent. Peak Surgicals' products outperform any other on the market in terms of durability. We have you covered with any treatment, whether plastic surgery instruments or nasal forceps. These tools are composed of stainless steel and designed to work very well.

Some Surgical instruments At Peak Surgicals

Let us have a look at some critical Nasal forceps available at Peak Surgicals:

Nasal Forceps

It is an essential surgical tool used to treat the nasal cavity. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The doctor can quickly grasp the teeth that need attention. It is made of German stainless steel and can be used repeatedly once sterilized. It has high tensile strength and never gets rusty.

Blakesley Forceps

It is smaller than other nasal forceps and designed to provide precision. The Blakesley forceps are helpful during an ENT surgery. It is made up of stainless steel, and the size of the handle is small. Its working length is 110mm and has a 90-degree version.

Tilley Nasal Forceps

Tilley Nasal Forceps are useful in processes that require the surgeon to insert and remove dressings from the Nasal Cavity. The tapered end allows for easy maneuverability inside the nasal canal, with a curved angle to avoid obstructing the clinician's view. The addition of a rough jaw gives dressings more grip.

The seamless opening and closing movement ensures ease of usage.

Sinus forceps

It is one of the essential medical supplies among the Nasal Forceps. The benefit of sinus forceps is that they fill up ENT cavities, including nostrils, will cotton or gauze to perform the treatment as it absorbs all the liquid and all kinds of fluid during the treatment. Also, it helps in creating some space for a better view. For example, surgeons can reuse a pair of scissors once sterilized.

Other important information about Nasal Forceps

Nasal packing is helpful when the surgeon cannot identify the source of bleeding. And the patient is unable to tolerate the nasal manipulation. The first approach is to implant the posterior nasal pack in most cases. Users insert these into the nasal passages with flathead scissors or manually with a nasal speculum that dilates the nares. It can be both absorbable and non-absorbable. Nasal

Packing can also cause infections such as bacteremia primarily due to non-absorbable nasal packing.

Nasal forceps are one of the most used surgical tools during nasal surgeries—forceps assist in the removal of cartilage and soft tissue, and extra bone pieces. Depending on the surgical choice, three different sizes of forceps are available on Peak Surgicals. The final parameters will be the same as written on the website. Please read the item description carefully before placing your order to avoid any inconvenience.

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