Must have Cardiovascular Instruments by Peak Surgical

Cardiovascular is defined as the circulatory system of a body, which comprises the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, it includes carrying nutrients and oxygen to the body tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other types of wastes from them. Cardiovascular diseases affect the heart and the blood vessels and include coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, heart failure, hypertension, etc. At Peak Surgicals, we continuously work to make access to surgical tools as easy as possible.

Cardiovascular instruments:

Cardiovascular instruments are the surgical tools used in medical procedures that treat the heart, veins and arteries. Peak Surgicals provides a wide variety of these surgical instruments. Cardiothoracic instruments are used to treat the heart, lungs, oesophagus, and other organs within the chest. Commonly used thoracic surgical instruments include forceps and clamps, needle holders, chest and sternum spreaders, scissors, and retractors.

An overview of the Surgical Tools available at Peak Surgicals:

1. Cardiovascular Scissors:

The Medical Supplies that Peak Surgicals provides comprise numerous high-quality standard and microsurgical scissors for cardiovascular and microvascular procedures. Handling styles are diverse, such as round handles, ring, flat, and bayonetsprings. Tip styles provided include fine, right, angle and circumflex. Improved designs such as edging knives with or without serrated knives are also provided. Widespread patterns of cardiovascular scissors include Arteriotomic scissors-like Cooley, White scissors for valves, Cross micro scissors and Tenotomy scissors-like Potts. 

2. Cardiovascular Micro-Scissors:

Peak Surgicals provides high-quality microsurgical scissors for cardiovascular and microvascular procedures. Cardiovascular Micro-Scissors have diverse handling styles such as round handles, ring, flat and bayonet springs. Moreover, the tip styles provided are vast too and include acceptable, right, angle and circumflex.

3. Cardiovascular Needle Holder:

Cardiovascular Needle Holders are used extensively to hold and drive in suture needles through various tissues. Their structure is like a hemostat. This surgical tool has a wide variety available in different sizes and styles, and you can also get the ones equipped with serrated jaws and tungsten carbide. Their types include Ryder Needle Holder (French Eye), Crile Wood Needle Holder, Jacobson Microvascular Needle Holder and Sarot Needle Holder

4. Cardiovascular Hooks:

Nerve hooks are often used in cardiovascular procedures to manipulate and control the valves during arterial replacement and manipulation. Cardiovascular hooks are available in many designs, including straight or curved, with round or ball tips and varying degrees of sharp or blunt ends.

5. Cardiovascular Dissecting Forceps:

Cardiovascular Dissecting Forceps have pointed tips, which are excellent for sharp tissue cutting. It prepares fine tissue, mucous membranes, blood vessels, and skin and subcutaneous tissue. It mainly includes 1 of 2 teeth with tweezers. They are sharp and act as tongs for fast cutting of fine tissue.

6. Rib Shear:

Rib Shear has sharp blades for fast cutting of bones. Cut bones such as veins, scales and other fibrous structures—especially heavy cutters with high cutting force due to rigid constructions.

These instruments are readily available at Peak Surgical. You can place your order and get your required surgical tool at your doorstep at exceptionally low rates. Apart from

Cardiovascular instruments we have a wide range of ENT instruments, plastic surgery instruments, hair transplant instruments, and many more.

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