European Bipolar Forceps – All You Need to Know

The bipolar forceps firmly grab a tissue and divide accurately and efficiently coagulate tiny and large blood arteries (2 mm to 20 mm), eliminating medical clamps or clips.

A bipolar instrument is a set of forceps used in the bipolar electrosurgical procedure. The electrical current travels through one side of a forceps to the other, through the target tissue, and back to the generator.

Bipolar Forceps are made up of stainless steel in four different types:

  • Bent
  • Straight
  • Angled
  • Bayonet

Its total length varies from 300mm to 70mm, with different tip sizes including 0.25, 0.6, 0.3 and 1. Bipolar forceps are of two different categories, i.e., single flat tip and two pins Bipolar forceps.

Argentum Bipolar Forceps

The Argentum is a non-stick forceps with a tip made of silver alloy and has an excellent thermal conductivity that helps prevent tissue from sticking to the instrument's surface. The 100°C temperature creates a non-stick surface.

Titanium Bipolar Forceps

It is the most accessible surgical instrument used for the treatment and is made up of lighter steel that is corrosion resistant.

Multi-functional Bipolar Forceps 

It is specifically applicable for eliminating pendunculated warts or fibromata pendulantia, the bipolar forceps are optimal with multipurpose functioning. However, their usage in removing warts or fibroma is entirely safe, needing no cutting. As a result, it does not lead to any bleeding or stitching, but the procedure is easy and scarless. However, due to instant congealing of the blood vessels, any chances of infections due to viruses of pendunculated warts or fibroma pendulans are low.

It is possible to carry out the congelation, dissection, and removal concurrently, thanks to the forceps' highly advanced and sharp tips. The cutting edges allow faster procedure due to their inwardly angled edges

Moreover, usage of this innovation significantly reduces risk to the patient and healthcare professional, which may occur while using an alternative such as a scalper or an electrode.

How to Use Bipolar Forceps?

The primary use of bipolar forceps is to hold the tissue firmly. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • You must first wash the instruments and disinfect and sterilise them
  • Look at the bipolar forceps for any damages before you use it
  • Please keep it away from flammable substances
  • Avoid putting the medical supplies on the patient
  • Clean the blood and blood stains from the instruments immediately after the use
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