Dental Instruments – FAQs

At Peak Surgicals, our customers often ask us some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about surgical tools and their answers.

 1.     What are the essential surgical tools used during dental surgery?

Here are a few basic surgical instruments you will find at Peak Surgicals:

 ·       Mouth mirror

The mouth mirror is an essential surgical instrument used in dentistry. The round-headed mirror comes in two sizes, i.e., 18mm & 20mm. Three primary uses of the mouth mirror are:

 To have a look at the indirect vision

  • It reflects light on the surface
  • For accusation soft tissue

 ·       Periodontal Probe

The thin pointed, long periodontal probe is the right instrument to check the depth of the tooth. It is the right surgical tool to use to measure the health of the periodontium. To have the most accurate readings, there are different markings given on this surgical instrument.

 ·       Dental drill

It is a super-fast drill used in shaping the tooth during a major root cancel surgery. A dental drill is helpful during a filling or crown procedure. If you need to remove a tooth in the patient, then a dental drill is the tool for you.

 ·       Sickle Probe

The sickle probe is also known as the dental explorer, and it has a sharp end. The primary use of this instrument is to probe the tooth that has the cavity all around it. It looks like a stick with a pointed needle at the front.

 2. What is Excavator?

Excavator is an instrument with a double head. The key feature of this surgical tool is to remove the cavity from the teeth. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The size and shape depend on the type of cavity one has. Peak Surgicals has a wide range of excavators available in all sizes.

 3. What are the three major classifications of dental surgical instruments?

There are three classifications of dental instruments that are important during dental practice. These are:

  • Cleaning instruments
  • Instruments for Extraction
  • Medical supplies for reconstruction

 Cleaning instruments include:

  • Scalar
  • Syringe
  • Air tip

 Extraction instruments

  • Wilson
  • Forceps

 Reconstruction surgical tools 

  • Plugger
  • Handpiece
  • Carver
  • Spatula

 4. What is an Amalgam Carrier used for during a dental procedure?

It has a small tube and a large tube on each side. It is a kind of surgical instrument used to fill in the area that the surgeon may need to drill. The user fills the tube with an amalgam, which is the filling for that extracted area.

 5. What does it mean to "split teeth"? What surgical device is used to split teeth, and how is it done?

Another name for Chisels is Coupland's Elevators. Dentists use it during dental surgery for extraction. They help split teeth that have more than one root. The user inserts this between the bone and rotates the root to extract it from the socket. It comes in three sizes. This surgical tool is available in three sets.

 6. How to manually remove decay?

There are two instruments used to remove a decaying tooth manually. The excavator removes the decay from the tooth as it is the most versatile instrument. The hoe is another tooth preparation instrument that smooths the wall.

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