Comprehensive Guide Related to Gynecological Instruments

Gynecology is an extremely vast field of interest that deals with everything related to the female reproductive system including; the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, and other organs that are concerned with the reproductive system. 

The doctors or experts need different types of tools and instruments for gynecological-related concerns. These tools are used accordingly for treatments or regular health checkups done on females.

Below we will be discussing in detail all the instruments that are used during gynecological procedures and talk about their uses also.

What are gynecological instruments and why are they so important?

Gynecological instruments are tools or devices used by surgeons to perform specific actions that help them to reach the desired effect they are looking for. The desired outcome could be anything related to gynecological procedures such as modifying a body tissue, giving birth to a baby, or removing a uterus; all such procedures cannot take place without surgical instruments.

These surgical instruments are designed with great precision and expertise as they are meant to reduce the risks involved during surgery. Not just that, surgical instruments also aid in reducing the operating time and increasing the chances of a successful surgery.

That being said, it is very important to know about all the different types of instruments that are used by a gynecologist to perform major or minor surgery.

Types of Surgical Tools 

Tools for Examination

In this category, all those tools are included that help the doctor perform a detailed examination of different parts of the female reproductive system.

  • Mirrors: Used by the doctor to clearly view the patient's genitals.
  • Spoons and Probes: Used for the detection of the uterus and its permeability check.
  • Expanders: Helps in expanding the cervix walls for better examination.

Vaginal Retractor and Vaginal Speculum

  • Vaginal Retractor: This tool is used to maintain vaginal exposure. Mostly used during childbirth procedures.
  • Vaginal Speculum: It is used to expand and stretch the vaginal area for necessary treatment.


  • Obstetrical Forceps: Used for rotation or extraction of the fetus during assisted child delivery.
  • Ovum Forceps: Used to grasp or hold body tissue or remove placenta or ovum.
  • Tenaculum Forceps: This tool is used to seize or hold blood vessels during surgery.

Scissors and Needles

  • Gynecological Scissors: Used for precision cutting or dissecting tissues.
  • Needles: Used to inject medicines, usually painkillers to reduce contraction pain.

Clamps and Curettes

  • Clamps: It is used to secure vessels and other parts.
  • Curettes: Used to remove tissues and matter mostly during D&C.

This wide range of medical supplies comes in great use while performing surgeries. These surgical instruments are what make a doctor deliver the expected. 

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