4 Major Types of Gynecology Instruments

There are roughly three hundred and eighty-five thousand childbirths in a day all around the world hence there is a huge demand for surgical equipment that is necessary for any kind of child delivery. Be it caesarian or uterine birthing, professionals require some kind of surgical tool to complete the procedure of giving birth to a baby.

There have been lots of research and innovation in the field of surgical sciences and experts have come up with new and innovational ideas on how to make gynecological instruments better and safer. 

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Major Types of Gynecology Instruments

The major types of gynecology instruments include a variety of products all performing a range of different tasks. These instruments play a very important role in gynecology and all the other things that are related to the female reproductive system. A female has a sensitive yet very complex system of reproduction that requires all the medical supplies to be fully reliable and safe to use. 

We will be discussing some of the major types of gynecology instruments in detail.

Forceps and Clamps 

Forceps and clamps are surgical instruments used while performing a surgery. The forceps are mainly used to grasp or hold on to body tissues. The clamps are also used for similar action as it helps to hold and secure tissues or vessels during hysterectomy or other such procedures. Both the tools go hand in hand during gynecological surgery.

Cervical Dilators 

As mentioned in its name, a cervical dilator helps in dilating or opening the cervix/ cervical muscles during vaginal delivery or other gynecological procedures. This dilation allows easy access to the uterus of the patient making the procedure easier and lowering the risk of injury.

Vaginal speculums

Vaginal speculums are tools used by experts to examine a women's vagina or cervix in a more detailed manner. These speculums come in different shapes and sizes that are either made of plastic or stainless steel. The speculum is used in such a way that it is inserted into the vagina in order to separate the vaginal walls which in turn enables the health provider to have a better view.

Gynecology Curettes

Gynecology curettes are surgical tools that are mainly used during a D&C procedure where the inner uterine lining is scraped and tissues are removed using a curette. This tool can also be used to pick up a tissue sample for biopsy or other medical purposes.

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