For the last decade it has been engaged in designing, manufacturing and delivering other brands. In recent, we launched our own trade-mark PEAK SURGICALS registered in Pakistan, Australia & USA. Our aim to keep our customers best satisfied with quality, services and prices. We also aim to promote our off-shore partners mutually sponsoring PEAK SURGICALS products in respective region with maximum utilized resources. Our motto is end customers liking so as our slogan “It’s like you like”

Peak Surgicals Pvt Ltd, located in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan (One of the biggest “Surgical Instruments productions” cities in the world) has introduced most advanced machinery for Surgical Instruments production, and exporting its state of the art supplies world-wide.

Agents Requirements

  1. To have experience in this line of business, spirit of entrepreneurship and desire to be successful.
  2. Financial ability. Individuals, groups or organizations which can be responsible for their civil liabilities and have corresponding finance strength to stock PEAK SURGICALS Products at least 10,000USD.
  3. Accept supervision of PEAK SURGICALS in respective region.
  4. Accept it as a full time job with lot of energy and time.
  5. Work for promotional activities for PEAK SURGICALS products.

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